Monday, May 22, 2017

Travel Tasmania



                                                                  Port Arthur  16/5/2017 

                                                         lots of thoughts about Port Arthur 
                                                         so many changes since the late 1970's
                                                        remembering where I was 20 years ago 
                                                               how our church reacted and
                                                         supported Tasmania  at this time 
                                                          so may thoughts I hope to detail with
                                                       them all later as part of my Assessment 3 

                                                            Photos I am showing are original 
                                                           and changed by my photo program 

                                                           you may picked up Theme as travel 
                                                           or you may be like me fascinated 
                                                            by the handi work of so many 
                                                             with stones and bricks what 
                                                              can actually be achieved 

                                           1st photo                  original , 
                                           2nd photo        cropped  & auto adjust colour 
                                            Old houses or rooms used to have arches 
                                            by the fire places structurally sound , impressive
                                            to the eye , beautiful design by the builder .


Cast your eye over this building 
a window for light and a door 
built at the right height

1st Photo is orginal untouched 

2nd Photo is cropped bring 
in the brick work a tad closer 

Do you want to feel the bricks ?
Can you see the different colours?

I wonder how they built it many years ago , 
having a working building would
 have been so grand back then 
when you where a convict 

Are you a descendant of a convict ?
Did they started  Tasmania Life 
at Port Arthur ?

What do you see ? 

did you answer a Tower ?

Love seeing old trade skills 
like this railing and steps nothing 
flash but services a purpose 
stopped me from tripping but it is helping 
to stop damage by visitors like us 
walk in the right area to help maintain
 our history for years to come

Tower I love the top that shows
 protection also allowing sight 
view of the whole area
 oh to climb to the top
 would be so great 

even back then buildings where built with 
bricks and stones to the shape they 
required around the arch the pattern of 
building supplies has been arched 

Port Arthur has some really old 
wonderful magical skills you don't see 
a lot in today's world 



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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, love the lower photo of this pair, gives a great sense of how steep it is and has a perfect focal point .
Hard to take a bad photo of Tassie <3

Liz - fellow student