Friday, November 30, 2007

Mates & Friends

Mates and Friends are important

It may take time to make good friends and trust
them if yu have only meet them a couple of times

It's nothing for my home to be filled with 11 teenagers or more at one time but I know my teens have many fiends from different backgrounds . They have teen boys in their life and teen girls in ther life to hang out with and I feel very special to be a mum that welcomes so many of their friends into my home and that my sons feel they can trust me to bring thier friends home

I have many friends as well some who I talk with every day , lots through the cyber world who I have never met and as we have moved around the state we leave friends behind but it's great because we make lots of new friends

Friends are really important to have so next time when you are with your friend be grateful for the time you have know each other and for the fun you can have together

Thursday, November 29, 2007

broken bones

My son who turns 13 soon has broken a bone for the first time in his whole life gone 13 years and not one single break before , getting that phone call while he was away from home makes your heart pound and skip a beat.

My heart was pounding that fast I couldn't put the right phone numbers into the phone I tried 4 times before I was steady enough to call my husband

How would you react in a sitution that was out of your control ?

I had 1 hours drive before I got to him them we waited most of the day till Dr's worked out what to do with the break .We came home fairly late

I hope to type something here every day weather it be 1 word or many I want to achieve blogging every day and I hope to encourage everyone through what happens in my home

I wont mention names or where I live but I know one thing the more I talk to people with teens the more I realize everyone of them has to go through some rough times while growing into young people and it's all very normal

rattle on

My 3rd blog , am I crazy or what nope I'm discover there are all sorts of ways to keep records and my other 2 blogs are for different reasons to this one

This blog is forme to rattle on about my life in general and all the happenings about me

Jac's Classes Friday Night

Jac has been running some free classes of Friday Night

If you follow this link http://

It'll take you to all the things Jac has to offer and we hope to see you there Friday Night

The ladies enjoy chatter and some fun while creating

Design Team Call

If you would like to apply for a Design Team postion for 2008

please go to this link

It will give you all the details

It's for Scrapping Around and I have been on the Design Team
now for a few months and really enjoy myself

So go on take a peek you never know if it's for you until you read all the details

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I was sent this lovely layout and photo to upload from
Mistra who is a friend and a very clever scrapper , she has been published in a few mags and was 1 of the 10 winners in the lastest For Keeps competition

Bee on Lavendar

Photo and Layout by Mistra Hoolahan

I’m allergic to bees so usually keep well away, but this day wanted some macro shots of the lavender growing in the backyard, and to do that had to face my fear of being stung! Was well worth it… look at the pollen sacks on the bee’s legs! This is one of my favourite photos at the moment!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Paris Dam

Last Sunday we went for a drive through the North East of Tasmania and came across a place called paris dam .In years gone by it was a really big dam but some how a hole gave way to all the water and this is what you see today .Makes for interesting photos and taken at different angels you get some really good photos image building this dam back a few years ago.

Water flowing very fast through the rocks and the mountain

After walking around for a while the boys found this cave which the water followed over and through .We don't know where it goes but looking down into the water it was quite deep and cold.

To find so much water travelling through when it is so dry gives you the feeling of hope that our natural nature will be here for a long time to enjoy

These are the old walls of the dam that where built to hold all the water in storage . To stand by them and look up to see how high and how long the wall is gives you a really awersome feeling. As I took photos of the boys near the wall it made me realize how high it was the boys looked like little ants at the bottom .
As a family we are really luckly to have this almost on our door step to visit .
We all enjoyed our day and would tell anyone who comes to Tassie to go have a look it's well worth the trip up into the bush for this awersome sight

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cyber Crop Weekend

Want to have fun well come along to Scrapping Around Cyber Crop weekend

Where the Design Team have set up all sorts of challenges , games for you to enjoy

Upload is midnight Monday which gives plenty of time for you to upload your layouts

Here is the link

Share your photos /layouts

Welcome to my new site but this site is for everyone to enjoy

I would love to see peoples photos and layouts on nature and natural things in our every day life

Please send your layoutsPhotos to

If I like what you sned in I'll post them for you , if you have a blog link then e-mail it to me with your photo and I'll add it on my link section

If you take photos as a hobby or do it for a living and have hints and tips to share please email me and I'll post your info