Thursday, November 29, 2007

broken bones

My son who turns 13 soon has broken a bone for the first time in his whole life gone 13 years and not one single break before , getting that phone call while he was away from home makes your heart pound and skip a beat.

My heart was pounding that fast I couldn't put the right phone numbers into the phone I tried 4 times before I was steady enough to call my husband

How would you react in a sitution that was out of your control ?

I had 1 hours drive before I got to him them we waited most of the day till Dr's worked out what to do with the break .We came home fairly late

I hope to type something here every day weather it be 1 word or many I want to achieve blogging every day and I hope to encourage everyone through what happens in my home

I wont mention names or where I live but I know one thing the more I talk to people with teens the more I realize everyone of them has to go through some rough times while growing into young people and it's all very normal

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