Monday, May 26, 2008

competitions ~ working display

Our local town has a art weekend coming up and I have been asked to do a display on scrapbooking and enter some of my photos into a competition

1st prize money is $400 so it's worth entering the photos have to be of local area and I have a few good ones that I can enter no harm in trying

I may come out with a dollar or two but time will tell


I'm a scrapbooker and part of a design team well 2 months ago I was asked to submitt some work andthey wanted to published it in there magazine

They have done that and it came out last Monday I'm so proud to have my work displayed in a magazine for everyone to see

was truely amazing to be asked and I have been asked to submitt more of my work to the magazine so it's a start of a new adventure for me on my scrapping journey

Flu Hurray up and go

over the last month or so I have had a cough and it turned into the flu last week I haven't eaten much and lost some weight which isn't a bad thing my family where great and left me to be sitting and doing nothing at all

even my youngest helped with meals and doing things for me which made me feel special as a mum who was sick .I did however work and had to cancel a training day and only worked for a few hours on Saturday .

feeling uinder the weather still and lived on soup for most of the week soup has became my best friend as everything taste's the same and it's awful. I really do like food and it's not good when everything taste the same as I don't enjoy it one little bit


Yay it's out and looks great

I brought my magazine last week and I have 2 pages for my layout

Marcus wasn't over impressed with me but I thought the magazine did a great job in displaying my layout

Being a step by step was a bonus as well

took me four years to get there with the help of some great friends

It's great to be published at last

Creative cardmaking and papercraft issue 12 page 98

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Autumn Season and it wont be long winter will be here it's starting to pop it's face around the corner with the cooler nights and days.
At the start of Autumn I did a cc at Scrapping Around and this is one of my layouts I did it was my ch and you had to use 9 small pieces of pattern paper which I did mine are added down the bottom of my page
Photo was taken by me and it's my garden I got nice and close and used macro setting on my camera which gave a nicer and clear photo in the long run with the colour cystal clear
I'm enjoying the last few days of Autumn before winter hits us very hard and fast but I wont mind as it's great for scrapping by the fire
The layout also has my own hand writing on it as I love using my own handwriting because when I'm gone it will be something to treasure forever

Friday Night Girls In Layout

This was a Friday Night Girls In Ch Monique set it and we had no photos to go by it was all typed up the way she wanted us to create our layout
she also did a card but I didn't get time to make the card on Friday.

Photos are taken of my middle teen enjoying summer 10 ten minutes away from our place set in the wild bush of Tassie is a small pinic spot with a swimming hole

We all had a great time and thank you for taking time to look at my layout

This layout took me 30 mins all up very simple and quick but I'm happy with it

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shopping Cart full of new items

Check out all the new items at Scrapping Around's store


it's great shopping form home with a cuppa

I love looking around the shop to see whats in store

new supplies can be found here
New Products

I like the Kasier brand and Bella brand at the moment but theer are lots of supplies in teh cart that are on my scrapping table
Everyone loves Easter in my household and they really liked me this year because I had to create some DT work forSCRAPPING AROUND
Once again I used a big photo and zoomed in crpping bits out to make the eggs centre of attention when you look at the layout.
U sed Bella chipboard,Kasier paper ,flowers and bling with some red ink .Once I inked teh letters I mad podge then with sparkling which gives a nice layout over all
We had a great easter and everyone relly enjoyed them self and I wasn't teh only easter bunnie in our home this year which was nice to think we where special enough o get eggs from another bunny full of love

cyber crop layout share

we where asked to make our own pattern paper with a leaf design .
I went out side and found some leaves and inked them up in 3 different colours and inked on a piece of white paper
I used Kasier paper , chipboard,flowers ,bling and rubons all brought from scrapping around
The photo was taken that day in my garden and printed on an express machince for a small cost
I'm starting to use bigger photos on my layouts and love the results I'm achieveing

Sneak Peaks

do you like sneak peaks
here are 2 you may like a peak at
it's a off the page item I have done from Scrapping Around
it's also part of my DT work over there I have been on the site for over 12 months now and have been made admin .I love being involved and helping other scrappers .
Scrapping Around is a great site and it has changed owners Moni has sold to Rob so now we have a male scrapper called BR which is short for Big Rob

Friday, May 02, 2008

Aussie Mateship

you hear people say their mates its great living in Australia because of the mateships you make

we didn't realize until our son was hurt how many friends and mates he had made along the way and since moving away from home he has met lots of other people and feels so much part of the town we live in

He said no one likes the girl for what she did to him and he had lots of people ask him if he was okay

I still have people ask about him

they say to me , I know your son is he okay

yep he is but I want to thank his mates for believing in him , helping him when the need was required of them all and for caring

Teens don't get a lot of credit due to that they are teens and they do silly things

yep they do silly things but you know what you gotta love them because every teen has some good inside somewhere

not over yet

We are waiting on a court case date for my son

he went back to the dentist and he needs to go back in 3 months time

I hope it's all sorted quickly but it will be a long term event because of his dentist trips we usually pay for him and teh last time he went it was $195.00 for 30 minutes while they removed tooth glue from his teeth

He now looks normal still has to be very careful in the way he eats but is improving so thats all we can hope for and that osts will be given back to us soon

it has made our family stronger and it was and still is amazing to seehow my sons have got through this together

Workshops for me

I have been aske to be part of our arts festival weekend coming up in June

It was an honour to be asked and I said yes I'll do that for you

they want to showcase scrapbooking and photo's so I can do both

can't wait just need to work out what to take and do for the weekend


Whooo I'm so excited I'm going to be a PUBLISHED Scrapbooker

I had tried lots of times submitting and gave up and never thought much more about it but then
I sent in 2 letters to a mag with layouts attached and my letters WON STAR LETTER of the month .

When the editor asked for my address to send out my book prize she asked would I like to submitt to there MAGAZINE ~ Creative Cardmaking and papermaking

I said I would like to as she really liked one of my layouts so in the next couple of months a magazine should hit the shelves with a 2 page step by step in it for beginners and it will be my layout

I will let everyone know when the Magazine is out in stores

I can't wait

Biggest Morning Tea

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Scrapping Around are holding an online crop event to support the Cancer Council and raise as much as we can for them.
Date:- Friday May 30th 2008
Time:- 8PM VIC
Place:- Scrapping Around Forum.
Cost:- $5.00 donation to the Cancer Council.
Even if you are unable to attend in our forum on the evening please make a donation via the link above for this wonderful cause.