Friday, May 02, 2008

Aussie Mateship

you hear people say their mates its great living in Australia because of the mateships you make

we didn't realize until our son was hurt how many friends and mates he had made along the way and since moving away from home he has met lots of other people and feels so much part of the town we live in

He said no one likes the girl for what she did to him and he had lots of people ask him if he was okay

I still have people ask about him

they say to me , I know your son is he okay

yep he is but I want to thank his mates for believing in him , helping him when the need was required of them all and for caring

Teens don't get a lot of credit due to that they are teens and they do silly things

yep they do silly things but you know what you gotta love them because every teen has some good inside somewhere

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