Thursday, August 24, 2017

a beautiful day

                                                 Have been out and about taking photos

                                                                 Branxholm Tasmania 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mystical Scrapbooks Winner

                                                           Cyber Crop Winner

                                                 Have been away for a few days now
                                                 back home but before I went away
                                                 Mystical Scrapbooks announced I was
                                                 Cyber Crop winner so exciting as I haven't
                                                 won anything for a long time.

                                                    anyway head over to their facebook
                                                   page for a chat


                                                       will upload more layouts this week .

                                                 here is a couple photos I took this week


Sunday, August 06, 2017

Cyber Crop Mystical Scrapbooks

Cyber Crop 

Challenges over at Mystical

Scrapbooks July 2017 

Please click on link 

Challenge 1  Glitters and Sparkles 

Challenge 2 Red White and Green 

Challenge 3   Ribbon 
Challenge 2 Red White and Green 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Paper Craft share

Papercraft share 

set of 3 cards from a magazine kit 

quick Beach layout 

Mystical Scrapbooks Challenge Mask and Spray

Challenge Mask and Spray July 2017 

What a wonderful day 

I added a mask and inked it in the bottom 
right corner I did 3 large 
flowers then inked 
2 smaller ones in red 

A relaxing day at St Helens Tasmania 
the seagulls wanted lunch 

Mystical Scrapbooks Challenge Tic Tac Toe

Challenge Tic Tac Toe July 2017 

Cool Dude 

the line I choose from Tic Tac Toe 
was Paint , Twine and Chipboard 

I painted the chipboard all light 
green except the word cool 

I wrapped twine around the little
chipboard tags and tied a bow 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tasmania Wildlife

love Tasmania wildlife 
are one of my fav animals 
to sit and watch all day 

puppy photo

Last week I had the chance to 
take some photos of puppies 
this one sat still for me but was also wanting to 
know what the camera was all about 

bring on summer

Simple double layout 
 fun day at the beach 
last summer 

Texture Paste Christmas card

Decoupage  & Texture Paste Card 

Step 1 

Choose your design I am using 
Belle & Boo Decoupage Kit. 

Step 2 

Cut out the pieces you 
want to use on your card. 

Step 3 

   Turn your cut out images over. 
 I use foam to give some depth 
to final image once.
 I have layered the pieces 

Step 4

 Image all together 
with layered pieces.

Step 5 

I grabbed some opal dust 
to give the image some sparkle. 

Step 6 

Once you have painted some
 Opal Dust over the image 
place some tooth pic's under the 
layers so they don't stick down 
and stay up .... take toothpicks out once dry. 

Step 7

 I then placed texture 
paste around the image 
to give a White Christmas 
feel to final card. 

Close up of texture paste 


Step 8 

I cut 2 pieces of Christmas 
pattern paper in half .
 Glued down on a green card.

Step 9 

Glue your image onto the
 card and add some flowers. 
 Christmas card is finished. 

Monday, July 03, 2017

Photos Orford Tasmania

East Coast Holiday photos 

                                    Orford Tasmania 
                                        East Coast 
                                    Beach walking
                                  fun Autumn Day 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Assessment Task 3 ...Development of my Theme

    Assessment Task 3 Images for a Social World                                            

                                                Port Arthur 

                                               Development of my Theme
                                           Amazing place full of Tasmania History 
                                                  the East Coast of Tasmania is
                                                    called the  Convict Trail  
                                           I choose these photos because they 
                                           show Port Arthur Village as it is today 
                                           History that has stood for many years.
                                           Buildings show how the weather is
                                           affecting the structures , amazing they
                                           are still standing.
                                                         My Photos are cropped
                                                                and straighten.
                                                          It was a overcast day
                                                    and the weather really helped
                                               my photos because it's wasn't a real
                                                happy place for convicts. Overcast
                                                day shows the gloom that some of
                                                the convicts would have felt while
                                                 living and working at Port Arthur.

We took the cruise around the harbour 
             looking back at Port Arthur I snapped the 
                       village standing as it is today.

Iron Bars in the windows no escape once locked away 

History Starting to tumble and fall but so worth seeing ,
structure of  buildings so many years ago 
would have been hard labour .

Fences all over the Village ground 
covered in moss , built by hand using bricks.

old gates with pointed  tops 
give  no escape option 

Highest building I saw the top was so pointed
all made out of bricks with arches
in the design still standing today.
All I want to do was climb to the top.
Long fences ran around the buildings , 
some have fallen over others are still 

late afternoon home time one last photo 
as we left the grounds 

Assessment Task 3 Images for Social World ...Inspiration


I used these links to see how 
photos of older building and 
traveled photos could be used 
I really liked the idea of different angles.
The photos are sharp and straight 
to the point and
the photography's capture there travels 
and thoughts which are all different 
to share with people in a understanding way.

I followed Brooke as she Travel because I know 
her parents and she visited a lot of wonderful place 
showing casing the world, her link is World of Wanderlust 
and is from Tasmania .

   Links I have used for  Inspiration
                                                                                          World of Wanderlust       
                                                                              Travel Blog
                                             Martys Travels                                    

                                Port Arthur link has a lot of details if you would like to visit                        

                                                                        Port Arthur History Link 



Assessment 3 ...Written Reflection

Assessment Task 3  Images for a Social World                                

                                                      Written  Reflection on Port Arthur

                                                           200 words 


                                                     I am not really a History 
                                                    person  but my Husband 
                                                          decided a holiday
                                                           on the East Coast
                                                    would be a nice break away.

                                                       We had never explored
                                                    the East Coast of Tasmania
                                                       before so off we  set on
                                                    the 15/5/2017 for 4 nights
                                                        staying  at Triabunna
                                                         Caravan Park to have 
                                                      a break while explore Tasmania.

                                               As I left I grabbed extra batteries 

                                                     can't go on holiday and 
                                                        not take my camera
                                                    with me. I used the spare
                                                     because I snapped over 
                                                        1000 photos in 5 days .
                                                   Digital camera means I can pick 
                                                   my best photos to show case.

                                                  Come along on the Journey

                                                      with me show casing 
                                                        Port Arthur . I hadn't 
                                                       been since school days ,
                                                        so much had changed 
                                                           over the years.
                                                            Years ago we
                                                       stayed with our teachers 
                                                         did what we where told
                                                    but this trip was very different
                                                    lots of memories  flowed back
                                                    to me like being locked  away in 
                                                   the jail , you could drive straight 
                                                        in no lining up and paying.
                                                  I enjoyed poking around in 
                                       and out of all the buildings and taking photos.
The few I have shared are the main photos .
We had a great day.