Wednesday, June 11, 2008

photo time

boy I haven't been here for a longer time but
I know have new photos to share with you all will find them tomorrow night after work and post
Do you know what this is ?and no it's not a UFO. I was walking home from the footy ground where I had taken profile photos of 2 players with my camera in hand I set it to the candle setting and aimed at the light.
It is actually the street light outside my place that guided me home in the dark it was only 6pm
There is a certain glow that the camera picked up and now I want to take more photos with my candle setting to see what I can achieve with my photos. I didn't go to any fire works this year but if you did and have photos to share send them to me and I'll post them up on this blog for you to share .

School Holidays

My son has laid around the house and not getting up till 10am or later
ohh to be on Holidays and no school is great when it's all wintery outside

He has done so much over the holidays that time has flown and it's almost back to school for him . It's been a nice spell not having to do lunches and make sure homework is done on time.

My other son spent his 1st week donw at Tafe we live about 4 hours away so he caught the bus Sunday and got a ride back with a friend. Which saved us petrol and money in the long run

He goes for 2 weeks on Sunday and hopes to stay with family on the central coast which will save him lots of travelling and us as well

It was interesting when he went we all missed him and I got used to the quiet and sleep ins because normally he needs to be taken to work which is 5;30am start for us all .So it's really nice when he goes to away for a bit I get to sleep in longer

As soon as he was home the noise level picked up and we knew he was back don't you just love the noise's boys all make together

It's mine no it's mine , I brought that no mum did

makes you wonder why they do this and yes there is a reason for it all

1 they are both different
2 helps them to have conflict that they learn to sort by themselves
3 it's there way of showing love to each other
4 what esle is a younger brother for

well I'll leave you to ponder on these points

Amazing Scrap Race

Amazing Scrap Race is in full swing at Scrapping Around and the ladies are creating some great layouts to be judge. Must say teh judging is very hard and it's great to see so many having a go and stepping out of their comfort zone

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Art Weekend

long weekend in Tassie for the Queens birthday

I enetred some photos in the a photo competition and my son won $250.00 he is over the moon

I also spent the day in church hall showing my skills as a scrapper and it was interesting to see how many people came through the doors who where scrappers or card makers

Every person had there own way of doing things and it was great to share with these people

Thankyou to all teh people who commented on my ablum and my work it was a pleasure to show you all what I do as a scrapper .

I do hope to go next year and maybe I'll have lots more to show and teach every one

One of the things that people where interested in today was Chipboard, paint and kidy Glitz and what you can achieve with them all

For me on a personal level it was great to share with others who enjoy paper crafts know that I can learn from them and they can learn from me

I also made some scrapping friends who would love to get together for a lesson or just to scrap on a weekly thing . Which I'm looking forward to as I don't belong to any group in my local area

Anyway I had a great day out scrapping and sharing my skill and would encourage anyone to do teh same if they get the chance to display there work go for it because so many new doors open for you as I have found out today

I have a new site which I have started this last week for people to join Scrappy Time