Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School Holidays

My son has laid around the house and not getting up till 10am or later
ohh to be on Holidays and no school is great when it's all wintery outside

He has done so much over the holidays that time has flown and it's almost back to school for him . It's been a nice spell not having to do lunches and make sure homework is done on time.

My other son spent his 1st week donw at Tafe we live about 4 hours away so he caught the bus Sunday and got a ride back with a friend. Which saved us petrol and money in the long run

He goes for 2 weeks on Sunday and hopes to stay with family on the central coast which will save him lots of travelling and us as well

It was interesting when he went we all missed him and I got used to the quiet and sleep ins because normally he needs to be taken to work which is 5;30am start for us all .So it's really nice when he goes to away for a bit I get to sleep in longer

As soon as he was home the noise level picked up and we knew he was back don't you just love the noise's boys all make together

It's mine no it's mine , I brought that no mum did

makes you wonder why they do this and yes there is a reason for it all

1 they are both different
2 helps them to have conflict that they learn to sort by themselves
3 it's there way of showing love to each other
4 what esle is a younger brother for

well I'll leave you to ponder on these points

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