Sunday, November 11, 2007

Paris Dam

Last Sunday we went for a drive through the North East of Tasmania and came across a place called paris dam .In years gone by it was a really big dam but some how a hole gave way to all the water and this is what you see today .Makes for interesting photos and taken at different angels you get some really good photos image building this dam back a few years ago.

Water flowing very fast through the rocks and the mountain

After walking around for a while the boys found this cave which the water followed over and through .We don't know where it goes but looking down into the water it was quite deep and cold.

To find so much water travelling through when it is so dry gives you the feeling of hope that our natural nature will be here for a long time to enjoy

These are the old walls of the dam that where built to hold all the water in storage . To stand by them and look up to see how high and how long the wall is gives you a really awersome feeling. As I took photos of the boys near the wall it made me realize how high it was the boys looked like little ants at the bottom .
As a family we are really luckly to have this almost on our door step to visit .
We all enjoyed our day and would tell anyone who comes to Tassie to go have a look it's well worth the trip up into the bush for this awersome sight

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Moni said...

These are beautiful photos. Can't wait to see them on a LO.