Friday, November 30, 2007

Mates & Friends

Mates and Friends are important

It may take time to make good friends and trust
them if yu have only meet them a couple of times

It's nothing for my home to be filled with 11 teenagers or more at one time but I know my teens have many fiends from different backgrounds . They have teen boys in their life and teen girls in ther life to hang out with and I feel very special to be a mum that welcomes so many of their friends into my home and that my sons feel they can trust me to bring thier friends home

I have many friends as well some who I talk with every day , lots through the cyber world who I have never met and as we have moved around the state we leave friends behind but it's great because we make lots of new friends

Friends are really important to have so next time when you are with your friend be grateful for the time you have know each other and for the fun you can have together

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