Saturday, December 01, 2007

go by your feelings

This is a late post tonight but if you read on you'll find out why

people are good at saying you shouldn't let your kids do that or be friends with them etc you get my drift , I some times get sick of people saying things like that to me but I guess it's human nature

From the word go when you have your first born others are telling you what to do , I try not to because I know to well how much it annoyed me when I was a mum for the very first time

I spend most of the day at Christmas Festivls with my 2 boys , when we came home we did our own thing and the middle boy went to work for a couple of hours.

I had 1 boy come and ask can I use your workshop ~ yep no problem ~ my youngest went out with him a friend from his school

sitting putting up my Christmas tree with my son a knock came looking for my boy who was out working ~ sorry he's working ~

around the corner came hey mum can I use the workshed yep I said it wasn't my son but a friend of my son who calls me his 2nd mum so I have 4 sons now

People say don't encourage them round they aren't the best of kids ~ well the bare fact is my son is one of those kids who are normal teenagers and I go by my feelings

I would perfer to help them and say yes , than have them sneak in and use things when we aren't here , ohh how bad are they their not they always ask and we treat them with respect

My afternoon was sitting on the back door step speaking to 9 teens boys and girls who hang out together

I opened my door up to my sons friends any time of the day because you never know when 1 of them may really need your help

Next time when some one ask's for help are you to proud to help or are you willing to help

If we all helped 1 person tomorrow wouldn't that make a better world for all of us

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Moni said...

I agree we need to go by our feeling as parents. And you know the old saying boys will be boys well teens will be teens and they just need to be guided by our actions and our words.
1 good word will always out way a bad one.