Monday, December 03, 2007

Do you fly on wings alone

Do you fly on wings alone when a new door opens

If a new door opened up would you say no or yes ?

In Feb 2007 we had new doors open right up in front of us , I was working 3 jobs and it was very hard to juggle all my daily things around my 2 casual jobs but I was going to hang on tight for the ride.

We moved into our own home and that meant so much to me because I have lived in other peoples homes for so long I can now do what I want in the garden and around the house without answering to anyone esle.

We packed up knowing that I was going to be the main income earner and that was a bit scary because I wasn't making millions still not but we have survied . My husband got work and has never been out of work and people ring wanting him to do this or that but today he started a new job

We completely stepped out on our own and for what to live a more relaxing lifstyle and spend time with our 3 teens who all still need us in one way or another

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is a huge thing to do but it is also awersome when things fall into place for you . We have never gone with out and when things got tuff we both got extra work . We where being looked after

In saying we gave up our jobs you have to understand my husband had done his for 28 years and I had worked alone side him for 19 years we are now entering a different part of our life where we can sit back and enjoy the world going by around us , everytime I see a bird soar through the sky I think to myself yep thats what we did we flew on wings alone and it has been great

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