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Assessment Task 3

 Assessment task 3
 Images for a social world              
                                                                   Theme Travel
                                                                  East Coast Tas
                                                                   Convict Trail 

                                               Living in Tasmania we often hear about Port Arthur 
                                               settled years ago as convicts came into Tasmania.
                                               I am not really a History person but my Husband 
                                              decided a holiday on the East Coast we had never 
                                              explored the East Coast of Tasmania before so off we 
                                              set on the 15/5/2017 for 4 nights staying at Triabunna 
                                              Caravan Park to have a break while explore Tasmania.

                                              As I left I grabbed extra batteries can't go on holiday and 
                                              not take my camera for me I used the spare
                                               because I snapped over 1000 photos in 5 days .
                                                        Digital camera means I can pick 
                                                         my best photos to show case.
                                              We did visit a lot of places but 2 places stood out to me 
                                              Maria Island and Port Arthur due to the history but it was 
                                              more than the history , for instance Port Arthur
                                                      is filled with hard labour , skills how 
                                                     else could it be built ,Maria Island is 
                                                      has the same feel but more peaceful feel .
                                              let me take you on my Journey through my Journal 
                                           show casing these 2 places which I thought was magical 

                                                                              Maria Island 
                                              Maria Island so peaceful , 30 min Ferry ride
                                              from Triabunna take coats ,water and food, 
                                              no shops what I couldn't buy one thing wow
                                                  it all had to be brought from Triabunna.
                                              Loved looking at the old cement works ,
                                               rusty slips , wildlife, it felt like we where the only
                                               people on the Island . Indeed a magical place
                                              surround by the sea off the East Coast of Tasmania 

                                                 Photos below are a snippet of Maria Island
                                             Chosen to share with you all because to me it summed 
                                        up a magical place , rusty slips and wheel tell you they 
                                                  have been there for many years 

                                                   rusty slips and wheel tell you they 
                                                    have been there for many years 

edge of Maria Island surround by seas 

wildlife so happy to watch you walk pass 
letting you snap great photos 

Cement works so tall amazing 
how they made a living form the Island 

Port Arthur 

Triabunna to Port Arthur about 1 hour and 30 mins 
on a cool Autumn Day , came here many years ago 
on school camp on the memories , they used to lock us up 
in one of the old jail cells 

I couldn't get over how much it had changed once 
we parked and walked in now they have a big complex 
where you pay.

we made it in time for the boat cruise which so 30mins 
of course my camera came out and I was in clicky land.
As I walked around taking photos I was in awe of how it was bulit 
as a child I didn't really care about that fact or the history  

The hard work that when into the buildings you 
would have to think hands had sores on them blisters etc .
The buliders would be worn out of a evening .
Women trying to wash with wash boards no automatic 
appliances to save time . 
Women cooking by wood fires to feed everyone.

I had so much appreciation 

Photos below are snippets of Port Arthur,
they give meaning to my appreciation of 
how they built it 
I took may photos of Port Arthur 
these photos also show the History 
of buildings , gates and one photo shows 
how beautiful it looks on a cloud cover day 

Port Arthur taken from the Ferry 

showcases how high buildings were guessing
 to accommodated everyone,
the windows had steel bars so there was no escape

one of many buildings that was still standing ,
we could walk through , I loved the workman ship
in the buildings , brick work , windows fitted and if you 
look closely you can see sign of modern times 

I took this because of the gate only reason for this photo 
it does however show you how old things are and still standing 
amazing with Tasmania's rough weather at times.

Did you notice the top ?
those pointed arrows caught my attend
I can't climb very well so imaging myself scaling over 
this gate late at night wouldn't end good.

really love the oldness of this gate 

complex photo shows the inside structure 
when I was a kid a lot of teh buildings where roofed 
to go back and see steel beams , lots of protect fences , 
walkways , made me realize Port Arthur is aging garefully 
it has changed a lot in structure .
It's main reason will never change where Convict's lived 

more History on Port Arthur can be found on there site here 

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