Wednesday, May 03, 2017


Shadows as Selfies 

I love taking Selfies & Photos  
it's nothing for me to have 4000 photos 
on my ph then bam its says no storage 

don't get me wrong
 I own a digital point and shoot camera
which I love it's a tad better
 for distance pic's than my ph camera 
what I didn't realize is 
I can achieve great shots with my
 ph camera
 and can change the 
photos in editing programs 
at the moment

 I am studing a free course through 
Tasmania Uni called 
Photograghy and Social Media 

have learnt heaps along 
the way but 
thanks to this course 
I am taking pic's and uploading
to my blog it's active again always 
did love my blog for sharing my 
craft works now I have 
found a interesting 
way to share my pic's 

Thanks to the Uni teaching Team 

anyway if you have enjoyed my photos 
check back soon 
because I have taken a lot 
over the last week 

tonight I will leave you with a 
shadow pic takes me back to 
being a child when I used 
to make animal shapes  

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