Sunday, May 21, 2017

Travel Tasmania

     Travel Tasmania 

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       Maria Island  17/5/2017 

                                                  Watching wildlife is a favorite pass time 
                                                 as a small child and teenager I spent many days 
                                                 on the North West Coast my parents owned a shack 
                                                at Arthur River , we used to go out spotlighting. 
                                                What is spotlighting ?  I hear you ask ,
                                                getting into the closest beach buggy or ute.         
                                                On top would be a huge spotlight one person 
                                                would shine it around the bush while we drove 
                                                mainly late at night so we could see the wildlife. 
                                               Wombats I love they seem to be so humble. 
                                                Only animal I know that has square poo's, 
                                                they can cause a lot of damage to farming
                                               ground by digging under fences and earth holes. 
                                               We visited Maria Island last Wednesday 
                                                walking around with my husband, we 
                                               were amazed by the wombats that potted 
                                               around freely or laying asleep in the sun. 

                                                Images I have uploaded are the same wombat 
                                               I was fascinated by the fact it wasn't scared , 
                                               continued to clean it's paw without a care 
                                                              while we watched on.
                                              I have cropped it to high light its paw and nose 


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