Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Assessment Task 2

Photography and Social media 
Assessment Task 2 

                                                            have picked out the 3 pic's below 
                                                       when I take all the layers off my photos
                                                  I keep coming back to 3 facts in my life and photos 
                                                  inspired by Mothers day ads on tv and in newspaper 
                                                          and on the net no matter who you are it 
                                                                all started with a Mothers love 
                                                  My Mum has been on my mind a lot as she  is a shinning star
                                                  she picked me to be her daughter at 3 months of age 
                                                                   Mothers are really special 
                                                                            who I am 
                                                          a Wife , Mother ,and Grandmother 
                                               I do everything else because I am these 3 things 
                                             Over last few weeks I have taken a lot of selfies 
                                             mostly they are who I am , noticed a few things I 
                                                      took more photos of than other items 

                                                   one thing stood out more than anything 
                                                    photos I took with my grand daughter 
                                                  I really wanted to show that about myself 
                                                             without showing her face 

Photo shows  my hand and wedding ring with 
Karen & Lloyd 23/4/1988 engraved inside
I took the photo as a selfie
 due to being married for 
29 years ,the photo has been
 cropped as I wanted the 
focus to be on my ring 
my ring holds so much 
love we have created 
over 29 years 

Photo shows my 3 sons in younger days 
taking a photo of photos was a 
little tricky 
my thought was due to being married 
we have created 3 beautiful sons 
no cropping this is taken with no effect 
I placed  the photos into my fingers and held 
them up with my hand 
that hand has held those boys 
from the time they entered the world 
and it continues to hold my sons 
whenever they need a helping hand 
so much love for our 3 sons 
they are all different  but 
very similar in many ways 

Photo shows 2 hands 
I did place a effect around the edge 
through my photo program on my phone 

young and older hand 
shows I am a Nan and my Grand daughter is little 
so much love for a little person 
who loves to visit us 

skin tones are so different 
reason I took the photo 
her tiny hand is so soft and silk like 
mine shows wrinkles and aging 

My 3 photos have my hand in them 
which I love about the pic's 
that hand holds my family all 
together no matter what age 
showing so much love with a 
gentle touch 

my 3 photos don't show my 
face only my hand 
that holds special people close to my heart 
that makes me who I am through a selfie 



Owen Oldfart said...

Karen that is so expressive and from your heart is lovely to read Well done
Really is wonderful

Owen Oldfart said...

Dear Karen that is so special beautifully worded can see it comes from the heart of a full and rich life and what you and lloyd have made it really lovely

Well done from Karen and Owen