Wednesday, May 10, 2017

selfies something about


Taken on Coffee table 


something about yourself 
that showcases to others who you are 
it can be a face , or body part and even 
something you wear 

I took my glasses & watch off 
finished work for the day 
time to relax 

sat both items down 
snap a selfie of both items 
some people may think 
it's only a watch and glasses 
on a table top 

family and friends will 
know they are mine part of me 
I need them every day of my life 

Grand daughter isn't 2 yet 
comes to visit one 
of the 1st things she will 
do is pick them up 
saying Nan's  glasses 

proves a self doesn't have to be 
a face as your true friends and family 
will know they are part of you 

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