Tuesday, May 09, 2017

taken at home

3 images 

Taken at home 

What do the 3 photos tell you about me ?

Photo 1  Morning Time 

dressing grown is fluffy 
I like to be comfy 
warm and snugly
 glasses are a must 

Photo 2  Watch 8am

large face to see without glasses on 
thick band wide enough to see 
long enough to do up 
on time is a must for my 
day to day management 
time is the essence of every day 

Photo3 Snuggle Slippers 

Warm feet 
cheap slippers 
colourful for a winters day 
lambs wool lined for comfort

3 Photos all together show you 
I like comfort , simple things in life 
that make me feel great and create 
a good start to my day 

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