Thursday, May 04, 2017

Inspired by Shadows

                                                                         Inspired by Shadows

Optional Photo Activity: Making your creative self portrait

 Photography and Social Media course 
I have been doing through University Tasmania 

Has opened my eyes up a fair bit 
photos can be of any subject 
photos can be a single item 
or a mood board design 
homely items , furry animals ,
everyday life things we come into 
contact with every day 

I am drawn to shadow selfies 
more now than I was before 
if you have teh right light 
your shadow becomes a
picture with a story 

The teachers shared some examples
for us to look at I was drawn to 
the shadow one the most 
it was simple photo , showed 
person was sitting down 
reading and relaxing 

here is my Shadow 
wonder what you can tell 
about my photo 

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