Thursday, June 08, 2017

Assessment Task 3 Practice

Assessment Task 3 
Theme Tulips 

Cold freezing Sunday afternoon 
feeling very unwell .
New Friendship blossoming through work 
with a lady who has opened
 accommodation up in Derby Tas

Absolutely get on like we have
 known each other for years. 
She appreciates our work ethic 
in returning to Tasmania form Victoria 
she stopped at Evendale Market. 

Arriving at work with a fresh 
brunch of Tulips for me. 
I love nature and flowers 
not knowing if we were allergic she brought
 tulips to be on the safe side 
it was a great choice.

I became sicker through 
the week and on rest orders by 
my Dr , one of the hardest 
things to do usually but 
mostly I slept .

Never usually take much
 notice of flowers 
these where only buds 
when they arrived.
Each day I looked at there
 beauty and even though  
I was indoors due to resting and
 the freezing cold weather.
I was able to enjoy one
 of life's pleasures.

Over next few days as the Tulips
 opened and changed 
my phone camera became
 my best friend. 
Wanting the Tulips to last a life
 time knowing that 
was impossible , also knowing 
our friendship will 
last a life time.

I took photo's so I had
 a keepsake of how
 beautiful the tulips where 
also I wanted a memory 
of a special new friend
 who cares about us as 
a family who often
 messaged and rang 
making sure I was getting better.

These tulips blossomed
so much over the week
Like our friendship will 
over coming days ,months and years.    

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