Monday, June 19, 2017

Assessment Task 3 Images for Social World ...Inspiration


I used these links to see how 
photos of older building and 
traveled photos could be used 
I really liked the idea of different angles.
The photos are sharp and straight 
to the point and
the photography's capture there travels 
and thoughts which are all different 
to share with people in a understanding way.

I followed Brooke as she Travel because I know 
her parents and she visited a lot of wonderful place 
showing casing the world, her link is World of Wanderlust 
and is from Tasmania .

   Links I have used for  Inspiration
                                                                                          World of Wanderlust       
                                                                              Travel Blog
                                             Martys Travels                                    

                                Port Arthur link has a lot of details if you would like to visit                        

                                                                        Port Arthur History Link 



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