Monday, June 19, 2017

Assessment Task 3 ...Development of my Theme

    Assessment Task 3 Images for a Social World                                            

                                                Port Arthur 

                                               Development of my Theme
                                           Amazing place full of Tasmania History 
                                                  the East Coast of Tasmania is
                                                    called the  Convict Trail  
                                           I choose these photos because they 
                                           show Port Arthur Village as it is today 
                                           History that has stood for many years.
                                           Buildings show how the weather is
                                           affecting the structures , amazing they
                                           are still standing.
                                                         My Photos are cropped
                                                                and straighten.
                                                          It was a overcast day
                                                    and the weather really helped
                                               my photos because it's wasn't a real
                                                happy place for convicts. Overcast
                                                day shows the gloom that some of
                                                the convicts would have felt while
                                                 living and working at Port Arthur.

We took the cruise around the harbour 
             looking back at Port Arthur I snapped the 
                       village standing as it is today.

Iron Bars in the windows no escape once locked away 

History Starting to tumble and fall but so worth seeing ,
structure of  buildings so many years ago 
would have been hard labour .

Fences all over the Village ground 
covered in moss , built by hand using bricks.

old gates with pointed  tops 
give  no escape option 

Highest building I saw the top was so pointed
all made out of bricks with arches
in the design still standing today.
All I want to do was climb to the top.
Long fences ran around the buildings , 
some have fallen over others are still 

late afternoon home time one last photo 
as we left the grounds 

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