Wednesday, April 26, 2017

come on a photo journey

I have set myself a challenge of taking some sort of pic every day and by the end of week or 2 have a digital Journey of photos that says something about myself or family life and home town

todays pic 26/4/2017

                        man’s best friend she is now 7 but always by my side , 
                             I captured the photo with my hand around her 
                                face as she is aging her hair is turning grey ,
                           watching the fire start , my hand and fingers curved 
                                 round her lets your eyes focus on her face line 

                                Pinterest is a great place to spend time searching and looking 

                                          inspirtaion came from here Dog Photos

                                           our dog was so still and peaceful
                                   I decided not to move her but framed her
                                         where she was sitting on the floor

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