Monday, December 12, 2016

I have been working on Photo Story for Uni unit 

I needed to do a Essay of 200 words for this as well 
enjoy reading my work that goes with my video 

              Colours are beautiful memories
Beautiful Day time to visit my friends Bed and Breakfast Garden, full of colours which take me home and brings me close to my friend.
Blue creates a smile as it’s so cheerful and when I see a parrot it gives the feel of freedom playing above in the green canopy.
Purple a magical colour takes me to Queensland where my friend lives. Strong colourful person whom has been there in so many ways for me.
White brings a bright feeling of happy days of being refreshed. Sliver moon brightly shinning gives me hope Mum is looking down on me and will never leave me.
Natural soft wood colour always brought Mum and I together she loved the country. Told me not to change my natural personally or my happy go lucky approach to life.
 Colours are bright to the eye and mind giving hope of happy days and in time for healing. Colours are all round me when I see the beauty of flowers, trees, birds and nature it reminds me of my Mum and beautiful friend. Colours are beautiful and my Mum loved flowers because they were pretty. My friend is beautiful like nature.

Author Karen Haywood 

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