Saturday, January 31, 2009

here's a huge catch up for those who follow along

The court case is still happening and hopefully soon we will have an out come of some sort

My middle son rolled his car a few times but everyone was okay it caused a few headaches at the tie but all is well now and all teens are happy again

I resigned from my job yep I did - lots of reasons but sometimes you have to step back which is what I did and it was teh right thing for me .Sure it was good money but you know what money isn't everything and I know I was placed here to do more than work for good money

It has changed the way I look at things and the way I supply things for my family ,it gives me time to spend with every child(sad when you don't know your own child up street), to enjoy other peoples company and do some things for me but most of all it has given me my freedom back and now I'm less busy which I love.

it's also given me my easy nature back again I don't stress much but when things get on top of me I get crabby and annoyed easy and thats what was happening so I have made the right choice for myself

I did achieve my goal of being coordinator but I never said how long I would be one so I'm happy as I still achieved my goal

since Christmas my dad got the shingles and is okay they ope to come and stay next month
my youngest soon goes back to school but he has had a great school holiday woth lots of trips here and everywhere

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