Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Texture Paste Christmas card

Decoupage  & Texture Paste Card 

Step 1 

Choose your design I am using 
Belle & Boo Decoupage Kit. 

Step 2 

Cut out the pieces you 
want to use on your card. 

Step 3 

   Turn your cut out images over. 
 I use foam to give some depth 
to final image once.
 I have layered the pieces 

Step 4

 Image all together 
with layered pieces.

Step 5 

I grabbed some opal dust 
to give the image some sparkle. 

Step 6 

Once you have painted some
 Opal Dust over the image 
place some tooth pic's under the 
layers so they don't stick down 
and stay up .... take toothpicks out once dry. 

Step 7

 I then placed texture 
paste around the image 
to give a White Christmas 
feel to final card. 

Close up of texture paste 


Step 8 

I cut 2 pieces of Christmas 
pattern paper in half .
 Glued down on a green card.

Step 9 

Glue your image onto the
 card and add some flowers. 
 Christmas card is finished. 

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