Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Change of Time

I haven't had children home now for about 3 years but I am always busy doing what stuff and facebook gets me in so I have learnt to turn things off and walk away from it , the news I don't see straight away is always there and it's more exciting having lots of notifications at once than one by one .
It's been good for me because now instead of being busy with stuff I am creating scrapbook page , one took me all day yesterday and I got no work done , creating cards , reading really enjoying reading some down to earth novels about outback Australia with a little romance for the balance, walking , chatting to neighbours , smelling roses .

when did you ring a friend that's my next thing is to reconnect with some old friends who I want to catch up with life has got busy yes but is that a excuse not to phone and see how they are all going these days

Technology is a great thing and I for one love it but the other week our power was off for 15 hours some places had it off longer so many people complained , it is a bad thing for freezers etc and I was lucky mine didn't unfreeze but it makes you stop in your tracks and enjoy the simple things in life getting back to doing things your grandparents did and I read by torch light for hours snuggled up on the couch with the dog , cat covered with a blanket we where all happy plus warm

maybe you need to pickup the phone and say Hi to a friend or loved one , maybe you need to take time out for yourselves it is possible and being busy can be an excuse we use because it's easier being busy but it is also very important to look after one self so you run well.

we are like a battery in a car if not looked after it goes flat and so is the car for awhile , as a person relaxing and doing your own thing recharges your batteries , this year I have learnt how strong I can be a lot often people say to me stay strong you think you are but in reality behind the closed doors in a shower your heart breaks making you a complete mess but when you get out your heart is stronger than ever and you know keeping going for that one or two whom need you the most will happened because over a lifetime they have taught you its okay to be weak , look after yourself then get back on the horse.

a lot of things have changed and sometimes I wish they hadn't but things change for a reason weather it's good or bad at the time you can't seem to work that out all you know is the love that has been stowed into you over the years keeps you on track .

I am very lucky to have a wonderful network of family and friends whom have taught me so much over the years and where my strength comes from ...other night I wanted to ring someone to ask about something and didn't know who to ring so I ended up ringing a cousin whom I hadn't spoken to for a while he told me never to worry about who to ring because they are there if ever I need them , it dorned on me I have an amazing family , distance is nothing , if I need them just ring , felt so good I know I will be apart of my family forever

Life wasn't meant to be easy and sometimes it is a huge roller-coast ride but having a great network behind you it is possible to take one day at a time

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