Saturday, February 22, 2014

uploading photos

Have been trying to upload my photos for a few weeks now and ended up taking software off my computer and reloading it and Chrome has helped it work once again so now I should be able to upload more to my blog account. 

Fire season has been on us now for a while and we have had a few small fires to attend to and another bigger one that threaten a town but the fireies stopped the fire was a long night but well worth keeping the town safe.

Have had lots of trips home to my parents so its been nice to stay home for a little bit and not go any where my son did a radiator last week so had my car all week which meant I had time home creating which I enjoyed. 

Spending time with my Jack Russell who is 5 soon and Itty the cat who has turned 1 due to a snake in the backyard they have been in the house a lot and on the deck in the sun with me enjoying our wonderful summer even though the last few days in Tasmania hasn't been over kind it was lovely to have summer days back with the sun shinning people smiling ,time to enjoy a ice cream.

Have made my text larger due to wearing 2 pairs of glasses it makes you realize enlarged letters is a good thing , my youngest starts Uni this year and is doing Balachor of Computers which is exciting to see him further his skills ,I am looking into Cert 3 Media with Tafe online that I can do at home in my own time 

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