Friday, September 04, 2009

Mia ~ son's puppy

MIA 20 weeks

Mia is 22 weeks old and is full of fun she likes a yoyo to play with through out the day
She was trying to sleep but I gave her a yoyo to play with and all she did was pop it on the floor .

Mia is so soft and keeps your toes warm when she sits on you
she is a friendly loveable member of our family and loves to ride in my sons ute when she is allowed too.She is bathed on a Sunday and loves it which makes our job easier.

She is full of life and gives us lots of cuddles , fun play times through out the day
She hasn't got the steps down pat yet she jumps one and runs into the other one but as she grows she will be able to jump them all

My days are very full , as I vac Mia runs back and forth barking and is so funny when I swept the floors then do the mopping , at the moment she is inside due to her being able to get out of our yard and I like to know where she is through the day time

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