Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ch 8 - Paper Bag Album

My very 1st paper album I created , enjoyed
this ch and will create some more of these albums

Front Cover of my album

Pages 1 & 2

1 minute old and having a cuddle

pages 2 & 3

Mum's 1st cuddle

1st family day watching cricket with Dad

pages 3 & 4

6 Months okd playing with the cat

crawling very fast away form me

Growing up very fast and exploring the lots

almost 1 very active and lively

I have finished my first competition in the scrapbooking world ,
Thank you to Lynnie and Krissy
for some great ch's it has been fun but very ch"ing along the way .
All the layouts where great and awersome from the other ladies
who did layouts as well .

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