Thursday, February 12, 2009

wishing Victoria all the best for recovery and rebuilding

This last week we have seen so much of Australia under flood waters and then the awful fires in Victoria.

I can't say I know how they are feeling becauseI'm not there in person but I feel sad and have cried lots when watching the news.

When my husband heard the news Sunday morning he said they will call for help I'm sure he was asked to go as a fire fighther and chief of our local tem , he said yes straight away to the call, I need to go and help the other fireies.

He has been gone all week and due home Friday we saw him on the news and he rings me everyday , his sister talks to him of a evening then e-mails me with updates.

I have never been away from him for this long I miss him heaps but I know he is coming home to me Friday it makes me wonder how much aching Victoris families are going through when so many lives have been lost.

There are amazing stories coming outof Victoria and slowly as the week goes on there are blessings arising which people are hanging onto for hope

Victoria will recover and will rebuild I wish them all the best as they work out where to start

I have given and my hubby gave his work time up we are proud he was able to help and he will go again if the call is put out to the Tassie fighthers again, it makes alo realize what a special person he is in this field of work.

Then today I was talking to family members there are 3 from one family doing things and my bil as well

SIL - Making fire uniforms of all sorts
SIL - Hospital nurse/sister
BIL- helping with insurance

My DH - fire fighther

They have all different training but they are all helping Victoria in there areas of work makes me proud to be Aussie and part of there family.

Leave you with his question

What have you done to help?
What have you done different today because of the awful week Australia has had?
When did you last ring or cuddle a family memeber ?

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A Passion For Craft said...

Hope DH comes home soon safe anf sound I take my hat off to those fire fighters that have a very hard and emotional job ahead of them.