Saturday, November 01, 2008

time for me to say Bye

Letting you all know I have resigned from Scrapping Around as of Nov 1 2008

I have been on site for 18 months and for me it was time to move on due to work , family and wanting to achieve more things within my life time

It has been fun and I have enjoyed it but my life sytle changed very quickly with my new job and I have given a few things up

You will still see me about and I will still add things to scrapping galleriers

I'm also looking forward to joining more of you and my friends in Cyber land and learning new things as I go

So Thank you everyone for visiting my Scrapping Around blog and supporting me on Scrapping Around

this blog will stay as for a while but I'm looking at Deleteing them all and changing to something esle or having a new blog with a new name so stay tuned

now I'm giving my self a 2 week holiday (well earnt too I think )

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