Monday, August 18, 2008

boy time has gone

well with work and family things I haven't been here for a while

just a update for you all

my soon hasn't been to court but the other person has and it's an on going case

My husband has found full time work and I have gained more hours in my work place

It changes a few things for me a there have been things I haven't done before and will be learning more about these areas , still doing cert 4 in small business management and adult ed course which has been fun

weather in Tassie is cold at night but warming up through the day and if you get in the right stop when sun is shinning down it's really nice.

all the males have had colds and have now got over them but it took time to disappear , colds/flus seem to come so quick but take ages to go away

I'm really looking forward to next month when I fly out for a few days my hubby may not be looking forward to the trip away as I usually bruise his knee caps as I don't always like flying so I hope it's a nice day

well I better go and start getting things ready for tomorrow it never stops in our home and there is always plenty to rattle on about if you like to read my blog I'll give you all something to read about

take care everyone - remember a smile can make someones day a happy day

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