Sunday, March 09, 2008

how do you feel ?

My son was hurt by someone esle this week they left him with a mouth which he couldn't use

Made me wonder how you feel when people or other things hurt things that you care about

Our children grow up but they are always our kids , you never stop loving them or caring about them , they come home when they want and sometimes just turn up for a few min's but it's still nice they come home

I brought my kids and still am to feel that home is a place they belong no matter what they do or if they need help . It's really important in todays world they have a safe haven they can still call home

One of my sons as moved out I miss him heaps , message him lots but have found thats all part of growing up and him being modeled into a young man of his own and not what his parents want him to be

He has lots of freedom , knows we love him heaps , knows he can come home any time but most of all is growing into a lovely young man through everything we have taught him

so don't give up on your kids tehy will make it through to a lovely person

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