Wednesday, February 06, 2008


My son went for his P's yesterday and failed I was so pleased with his attuide on how he handle it and said book me in again

It made me wonder as a parent how do you react when your child fails something or when you fail yourself because if your children see you reaction is that teaching them that failing isn't accepted into todays world

I'll be 1st to say I fial all the time and if I stopped to think about it every day but I don't think about it because I accept I'm good at some things and terribale at other things

wouldn't the world be boring if we where all the same and didn't fail

I think it's cool to fail and try again because you learn so much more the second time around and I think it's okay to help your child to accept the things they do well and also accept the things they don't do well

it'll make them a better person in the long run

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