Thursday, January 17, 2008

didn't happen did it

so good for posting everyday well thats what I get when I have a busy life but would be able to post every day so will try very hard from now on

It is dry in Tassie at the moment as I walk over our grass it crunches under my feet

makes you wonder how much drier it can get

was reading in a mag the other day not to water the garden let the plants that can handle the dryer conditions grow on there own and next summer you'll have a nicer garden does make since but I still have to give them a little water .This cute little fellow is black and his my sons cat he was raise up by hand and found near the milking shed Feb last year. He only has 1 lunge and is a bit skinny due to being run over by a car ,still he hasn't given in and has a beautiful nature full of life.Doesn't like to be cuddle to much because he has to live life to the fullest and not waste a minute of playing outside

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Moni said...

Karen I so know how you are feeling about not being busy. So it's ok that you don't post on your blog every day I know I can't as much as I would loveto but life with teens is busy.